Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Online QuickBooks Training in you Underwear? Why Live Workshops are Better for Canadians

Why can't we find a good QuickBooks training class in our city these days? Over the past five years, it seems many of the large companies have resorted to online QuickBooks training courses in Canada. Is this from a lack of demand? Do people prefer taking these QuickBooks courses on their laptops and work computers rather than going to a live class?

The fact of the matter is that the reason big companies have made the switch from live QuickBooks classes to online classes is solely convenience for the training company. Small business owners and anyone else signing up for QuickBooks training courses prefer live workshops, but the training companies have a hard time finding qualified trainers to teach, especially ones who are willing to travel. 


Online vs. Live: Why Live Classes are Better For You

Many people still prefer live classroom training for obvious reasons. Yes, you have to get yourself out of bed and to the classroom, but there are many pros that outweigh the cons when deciding to take QuickBooks classes in a live workshop. 

1. Small Business Networking

Each live QuickBooks training course typically has 10 to 20 people attending. These workshops are 2 days with plenty of opportunity for chit-chat with the others in your class. You'll find other service providers that may be a match made in heaven for your business. For the networking alone, the live classes are worth it. 

2. Prices are the Same Anyways

Have you seen the prices for online QuickBooks training classes lately? You'd think with the lower overhead these training companies would pass some of the savings on to you, but this is just not the case. There is no setup for the QuickBooks software instructor, no travel, no costs at all besides the software to run the online classes. You clearly get more for your money by attending live QuickBooks workshops. 

3. Meet Face to Face with the QuickBooks Trainer

In live classes, you have question periods and short breaks that give every attendant an opportunity to talk face to face with the QuickBooks ProAdvisor leading the class. No one can argue that you get the same attention in an online course. 

4. Live Events are ALWAYS More Memorable

Its common sense that you will be able to focus better and retain more information at a live class than taking an online course for QuickBooks. At a live class, there are less interruptions and distractions, and it has a more formal feel than sitting in front of your computer with the kids screaming in the background. 

If you haven't figured out already, we provide Live QuickBooks classes in Western Canada, and we know you will enjoy attending. If you are considering taking a QuickBooks class, we'd encourage you to our consider Live QuickBooks Workshops in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba Canada. We hope to see you there. 



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