Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Is QuickBooks easy to learn? Let the results speak for themselves.

If you like to learn about QuickBooks, you are most likely a self employed business person or aspiring bookkeeper looking to increase your chances at a new bookkeeping or accounting job. The truth is, QuickBooks can take even the brightest accountants up to a year to learn. In QuickBooks, you can use the program for simple tasks such as recording and expenses, and you can complete more complex texts such as depreciation schedules and accumulated amortization.

Some Common QuickBooks Tasks from Easy to Difficult

Easy QuickBooks Tasks Intermediate Tasks Difficult Tasks
Entering Bank Charges GST Sales Tax & ITC’s Year End Entries
Writing Cheques Reoccurring Transactions Journal Entries
P&L Statements Discounts Inventories
Balance Sheets Payroll Financial Data Analysis
Expense & Income Accts. Mileage & Time Tracking Progress Invoicing
Invoices & Bills Custom Invoices & Forms
Creating Receipts

On the flip side, the user interface is user friendly and relatively easy to learn. When we train clients as private trainers in their home or office, we suggest at least four sessions. These sessions are usually 4 to 8 hours and go over level 1 and level 2 QuickBooks training courses

when it comes to learning new tasks in QuickBooks, repetition is the key. making the same entries each month will make it easier to learn for the beginner and for the more advanced user. The most difficult part of learning QuickBooks is typically your end in entries & preparing the corporates taxes based on the QuickBooks data.

The basics of reconciling bank accounts and credit cards and beginner and journal entries are surprisingly easy to learn. These are the fundamentals of QuickBooks. classroom education is important when it comes to learning QuickBooks. The reason is because you are around others that want to learn as well. You will retain more information in a classroom setting then watching training videos or researching QuickBooks on Google. 

In the classroom setting, there are fewer distractions and more interaction. To make a long story short, learning QuickBooks takes a lot of hard work but can be done by just about anyone if they put their mind to it. You will have to learn accounting terms and stretch your abilities in math, but it is not impossible.

If you have the desire to learn QuickBooks, we invite you to come to our QuickBooks Training Classes or contact us about our private QuickBooks Training. Dymas Services Ltd. has years of experience in training, Calgary bookkeeping, and income tax preparation. Give us a call today.

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